• Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make

    Common Mistakes Home Buyers Make Buying a home and relocating is an exciting process that will allow you to invest in your future and settle down. For many people, there are common mistakes that are made due to a lack of experience in the real estate industry. If you want to avoid losing money or delaying the process, there are a few mistakes to avoid.   Forgetting About Closing Costs Most people are aware of the importance of saving enough money for a down payment on the home when they're ready to buy but often forget about the closing costs ...

  • 5 Tips for a Green Home

    Energy.gov states that commercial buildings and homes consume about 40 percent of the energy used in the world, and most of this energy comes from fossil fuels. Homes also pollute our environment; trash, automobile fluids, paint, pesticides, animal waste, fertilizers, and other pollutants can find their way into the storm drainage system that flows into our oceans, harbors, and rivers. Making your home green can help minimize pollutants and reduce waste while saving you lots of money on utility bills. Here are five strategies to help make your home greener.   1. Purchase low or non-VOC materials, and ensure proper ...

  • 4 Signs to Look for When Buying a Home in a Kid-friendly Neighbourhood

    If you have children, or plan to have kids in the future, it is a good idea to purchase a home within a kid-friendly community. This will put you in close proximity of schools, daycares, parks, theaters, and a variety of fun attractions. Sometimes the signs aren’t as obvious as buyers want them to be, but when they make a list of what’s important for their family, they can typically find a location that offers most of those features and attractions. Take a look at some of the signs to look for when searching for a new home in a ...

  • Benefits of Buying an HOA Home

    Benefits of Buying an HOA Home   HOA is the abbreviation used for a home owners' association, which is an organization designed to assist those who own homes in a specific neighborhood or community. You'll find similar organizations when shopping for a condo in buildings in downtown cities too. Though HOA groups are less common in Canada than in other parts of North America, these groups often exist in major cities and in up and coming areas. You can learn about the benefits of HOA homes before you buy a property in one of these neighborhoods.   Safety When buying ...

  • 6 Tips For Picking Out Furniture For Your New Home

    6 Tips For Picking Out Furniture For Your New Home When it comes to buying a new home especially if it is your first one it is important to know that you most likely are going to need new furniture for your new home. Here are 6 tips for picking out new furniture that are sure to help you on your venture into decorating your newly bought home.   Pick a theme Before you can pick out any furniture or even move any of your existing stuff to your new home you need to decide what you want the theme ...

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