• When Should You Buy

    When Should You Buy Many homeowners and homebuyers feel confused about the state of Canada housing market so far in 2018. While experts projected housing market activity to be more balanced in 2018, the continued volatility has put some on edge. In a number of Canada's most attractive markets, home prices have been increased as sales numbers are declining sharply.   However, outside of the few markets where constrained supply and compelling demand stories are muddled with low-interest rates, affordability and valuations are very healthy in other regions. Despite some consumers' fears, leading experts do not believe challenging valuations in ...

  • Where to Live Between Selling and Buying

    Where to Live between Selling and Buying The thought of buying a new home while you are in the process of selling your currently one is probably at least mildly jarring. Many people have to wait to until they sell their homes until they have the money for a down payment on a new one. As a result, you can seriously wonder where you're going to live while you're searching for a new house or while you're waiting for it to be ready. Rent from the New Owners You may find yourself in a situation where you can continue to ...

  • Why Choose Canada For Your New Residence

    Why Choose Canada For Your New Residence Canada is an excellent place for a second home. Many people have chosen Canada for its relaxed lifestyle, social and political acceptance, and beautiful scenery. Many of the major airlines offer lower fares so traveling to Canada is much more economical than in previous years. The international housing market is still in its infancy, so developers are eager to attract buyers with a competitively priced housing market.   Canada Has Fared Well With The Recession Canada offers a competitively priced residential housing market. Canada offers it's homeowners a proper capital appreciation, offering great ...

  • Why is it So Important for You to Add Resale Value to Your Home?

    Why is it So Important for You to Add Resale Value to Your Home? You may love living at your present location. But at the back of your mind, there is always the nagging feeling that you could still be doing better. Have you recently made an attempt to explore your options, just for the sake of putting this nagging thought to rest? You may well have been surprised at the conclusions that you came away with. One of them may be that it's an excellent idea to add to your resale value.   What Benefits Come With Raising the ...

  • 5 Tips to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

    5 Tips to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers Selling your home can be a challenge, but the good news is that there are steps you can take to simplify the process, including easy marketing strategies. One of the best strategies that homeowners can use is to showcase their home’s appeal. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars fixing up your home; instead, you can spruce up the attractions that your property possesses, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Take a look at some of these easy tips that can make your home look more ...

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