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5 Tips For Making Rooms In Your New Home Look Better

5 Tips For Making Rooms In Your New Home Look Better

When buying a home, the first thing that comes to mind is how much you should change the way the interior of each room looks to fit your personal likes and style. There are many ways to change the way a room looks and there is also many tips and tricks for doing it. Here are 5 tips for making rooms in your new home look better than they do now.


Furniture Before Paint

After purchasing your new home, it is extremely important to move all your belongings into your house before deciding to paint any walls. This may sound complicated because you will have to remove your furniture when you do finally paint your house but it is a better idea than painting before you move your stuff in because this way you can pick your paint color of each room based on the furniture that you have in each room. If you were to paint a room before putting your furniture in there the furniture might not end up matching the paint that you choose. However, if you put your furniture in a room before choosing the paint you can pick a paint that matches your furniture perfectly.


Hanging Wall Décor at The Right Height

If you have ever been to an art museum you would know that they hang art on the wall exactly so the center of the art is 57- 60 inches above the floor. Doing this with wall décor in your own home will not only make it look more put together but will also put the wall décor at eye level yourself and everyone who comes into your home so that they can enjoy your art. If you put your wall décor up high it will be hard for people to see or look at it. It is better for décor to be at human proportions over the proportions of your home.


Get a Rug

Nearly everyone nowadays has flooring in their home that is either hardwood or laminate. It is important to get a rug if you don’t have carpet because putting all of your seating type furniture on top of a giant rug will tie your room together and make it feel much more like home than if you were to not have a rug at all. Make sure your rug is large enough to fit all of your seating and close tables on top of it.


Perfect lighting

Another important tip for updating rooms in your home is to have layered lighting in rooms like the kitchen or bathrooms. Layered lighting is when you have lighting inside of glass display cabinets, above backsplashes and to have lights over wall décor or artwork so that it stands out more than it would if you didn’t have lighting above it. If you don’t have layered lighting in your home it can cause things like accents to be completely ignored and not even seen. It also will take away from all the hard work you have put into each room of your home.


Personality above all

Lastly, when decorating rooms in your new home don’t be afraid to put touches of your personality here and there. Displaying things in your home that might be meaningful to you would be a good start to this. If you have a certain style you are known for be sure to add this to your home décor and remember to have fun well decorating your new home because it can be a lot of fun decorating if you look at it as an experience instead of a hassle.

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