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How To Prepare Your Children For The Big Move

If you are considering selling your Canadian house or moving into another house, you will ultimately be faced with the task of telling your children. Maybe you are moving out of your mom’s house and starting a new life with your family. Maybe you got a new job or need to relocate for a new doctor. Whatever the reason may be, we are here to help you through it.


Advice For Telling Your Kids They Are Moving

The following pieces of advice have been put together to help you talk to your children about the big move. You are encouraged to take any of these items and expand or eliminate them as they apply to your situation.


Talk To Them Before You Have Made Your Final Decision

When you tell your child or children that they could be moving, try to do so as soon as you start thinking about it. Make your children feel like they are informed throughout the entire process and that any opinion that they have will be considered in the final decision- even if you are pretty sure their opinion will not actually affect the decision. You want to establish a strong relationship that says that you and your child can talk about the hard things in life like moving. If you can bring your child to meet the sales representative, do that as well.


Let Your Child Experience Their Emotions

Your child could experience anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness, and even excitement when you tell them that they will likely be moving. It is important to validate that their opinions and emotions do matter and that whatever they are feeling is perfectly normal. If your child happens to be excited about the process, help them start dreaming of all of the new adventures and activities that you will get to experience in the new home.


Tell Your Child That They Will Always Be Safe

A lot of children have a hard time processing their emotions and using words to describe how they are feeling about the news. Most children that experience a negative emotion can attribute that emotion to the fear of being unsafe or unsure of what will happen to them. Let them know that they will have a safe space in the new house that they move into. Let them know that they will be safe at school with their new friends. Assuring your child that they are safe will help them to address their emotions and conquer some of their fears.


Have A Quality Q & A Session

Talk to your child and see what kind of questions they may have about moving. Tell them that they can ask anything and that you’ll answer it with a true and honest answer.



All children have a sense of wonder that seems to fade into adulthood. If you have a young child, help them to create a fantasy of what the new house will be like. Take them away from the fear of losing what is familiar and introduce them to the idea that new is exciting. Help them daydream up new friends, new pets, a brand new bedroom with walls in whatever color they want. Talk about everything that is fun and magical about moving and starting life in a new place.


Take Home Advice

Remember that no matter what happens, moving does not make you a bad person. If you care enough to try and seek advice in talking to your kids, you are not a bad parent. If your child speaks to you harshly, do not take it personally. Everyone deals with news differently. 

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