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Roof Damage: When to Call the Professionals

Roof Damage: When to Call the Professionals

The roof is your only barrier against the weathering elements directly above your property. From snow to rain, the roof takes on a lot of forces throughout the seasons. In most cases, the roof can last for several decades. Homeowners will often stretch out their roof's lifespan as long as possible before a replacement must be added in. Replacing the roof before you sell the home is a smart move that offers a good return on the investment. Regardless of the roof's age, there are certain characteristics telling you that the damage is extensive. Contact the professionals when you see any of these following conditions because they will impact your selling price.


Curled Shingles

Every shingle on the rooftop should be flat or flush against the surface. Flapping tabs are cause for concern. A more, pressing issue involves curled shingles. The tabs hanging down and against the rooftop may have curled edges. These sections lift part of the shingle off of the roof. If a powerful storm moves through the region, moisture quickly makes its way under the shingles and into the home. The curled shingles must be removed and replaced as soon as possible.


Widespread Hail Dents

Hail happens several times a year, depending on your location. Heavy pieces striking the roof will make dents in the shingles. Moisture eventually drips through these cracks and into the wood below. Anyone inspecting the home during an open house will see the dents as problematic. Allow the professionals to inspect the dents. Spot repairs may be possible, but widespread damage typically requires a replacement service. Multiple dents across the rooftop are visible from the curb, which impacts your value from the moment visitors reach the property.


Sagging Surface

Another rooftop feature that definitely stands out to potential buyers is a sagging surface. This issue can be deceptive because the shingles themselves are actually in good shape. It's the wood support or sheathing beneath the shingles that has problems. The wood may have water damage, which leads to rot and bowing. You cannot save the rooftop with a quick fix in these situations. Roofers must remove those sagging sections and replace them with new materials. Ideally, opt for a complete, rooftop replacement so that the materials have a cohesive appearance.


Missing Sections

A wind event just moved through your neighborhood. It probably pulled several shingles from the rooftop. You cannot let the roof stand with exposed wood. The entire roof becomes vulnerable as a result. Depending on the damage's extent, the home requires either a new roof or extensive repairs. Generate the most value for the home by replacing the roof entirely. Potential buyers often bid more for a home that has a brand-new warranty.


Debris Falling Down

Your roof looks normal from a casual glance. Look down at the ground, however, and you'll see tiny granules. These pebbles aren't from a rock collection. They come from the shingles. In time, shingles grow older and lose some of their materials. These materials come in the form of small granules. With every rain or wind event, a little more debris falls to the ground. The shingles won't provide any protection in the near future.

Don't be tempted by DIY roofing instructions. Most roofs are too complex to take on as a one-person project. Hire roofers who have experience with your neighborhood and chosen materials. A reputable company will make quick work of your repair or replacement so that the house is fully protected for the next, several decades. Transfer the warranty to the new owner so that you have even more value for the potential buyer.

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